July 18, 2023
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web development

Why your business needs a professionally designed Website

Did you know about seven out of ten businesses have a website? While having a website for your company is essential for creating an online storefront, establishing your brand, and building name recognition, some websites have different impacts or get the same results.

According to one source, 75% of a website’s credibility is attributable to design. Most people will judge a book by its cover. Researchers at Stanford University have found that people searching online for products and service providers believe your website directly reflects your company. They also found that 94% of first impressions are related to design elements of websites. What does that mean for your business? If you have an aesthetically or functionally sub-par website, you’re turning away potential clients before they know what you offer. 

Continue reading to see why hiring a professional to create and maintain your website is a worthwhile investment. The overall success of your business might depend on it.

You’ll Get Professional Quality

There’s a trend toward using free online drag-and-drop DIY website builders. Using such tools might seem like a godsend for a business while trying to stretch its budget. The drawback is that a non-professional website is terrible for business. It’ll hurt more than it helps.

One study shows that people take 0.05 seconds to develop an opinion of your website. A professional website can help people form a good opinion.

The free online tools overly simplify a complex process, and this oversimplification translates into a website that won’t rank well in search engine results pages. The minimal traffic that does trickle in will be wasted since most people will not engage with a low-quality website. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency with proven experience and expertise in website design and development will help your business in the short and long run. We can shoulder responsibility for creating a professional website for your company regardless of your industry.

You’ll Benefit From an Extensive Web Design and Development Process

You’ll see the difference if you compare a professionally designed website to a DIY website using an online platform. And if you can’t see the difference, your potential customers definitely can. Consider the steps a professional web design and development agency will follow:

Step 1 — Gather Data:

We’ll gather information like the purpose of your website, your primary objectives, and your target demographic.

Step 2 — Planning:

After gathering the information we need from you, we’ll start the planning stage. That will include developing a sitemap that lists the subjects and sub-topics of your site. It’ll make site navigation more accessible and more intuitive.

Step 3 — Design:

We’ll work on the design based on your input during this stage. The goal will be to ensure your website is aesthetically pleasing and includes the right mix of photos, videos, and content.

Step 4 — Content:

Content is crucial in search engine optimization. Your target demographic must find you on the first page of search engine results pages. We’ll help build you a content strategy that engages your target market and gets them to patronize you.

Step 5 — Build:

After the aforementioned steps, we’ll start building your business with a functional website that will be intuitive and easy for people to use.

Step 6 — Test and Launch:

Building the website is one thing — but testing it before launching it is another. We’ll conduct extensive testing to ensure it’s fully functional. After the site has been tested, we’ll launch it so your target demographic can find you online.

Step 7 — Upkeep:

A website should stay active. After developing, testing, and launching your website, we’ll keep tabs on it, provide support, and roll out updates.

When it comes to web design and development, graphic design, and other things that go into creating a professional website, you’re better off hiring a professional service provider. These skills can only be learned and mastered after a matter of weeks. And, as you’ve seen, the free DIY website-building tools available online won’t give you the professional website you need. 

Consider, as well, that going the DIY route means you’ll have to worry about the following:

• Finding a web host

• Maintaining your DIY website

• Finding sufficient support when you run into problems

You can make your life easier by hiring a digital marketing agency specializing in web design and development, graphic design, and SEO. Let us handle the technical stuff while you focus on your core competencies and meet your customers’ needs.

You’ll Benefit From SEO

When done right, SEO will make your website more visible in search engine results pages. That means more people will find your company when searching for what they want online. But more than appearing in search engine results is required. It would be best to appear high on search engine results first page. Otherwise, most people won’t even know you’re there.

We can handle your SEO strategy to ensure your website aligns with Google algorithms. The algorithms change over time, so we’ll adjust, tweak, or overhaul our SEO strategy as needed so your business remains highly visible to its target demographic.

You’ll Benefit from Graphic Design

Graphic design is an essential part of creating a professional website. The right graphics can communicate messages that mere words can’t to your target audience. We’ll use our expertise in graphic design to give your company higher visibility. We’ll provide customized graphics that grab people’s attention and encourage them to act.

Get in Touch for the Help You Need

If you don’t have a business website, you’re in the minority. But having a website is only part of the equation. You must also ensure your website works for your business rather than against it. If your website is of the DIY variety or if you’re planning to go that route, think again. Many consumers go online not only to search for what they want but also to buy what they want. You must ensure you have a professional online storefront that works for you 24/7.

That’s exactly what Source Select Marketing offers. We’re a provider of digital marketing services for businesses that want to establish or grow their online presence and connect with their target market. We also offer SSM, PPC, email marketing, brand development, aerial photos, 3D imaging, photos and videos, and analytical solutions.



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