October 12, 2023
Web Development
web development

5 Rules for a Website Success

In today’s age of information overload, capturing a visitor’s attention within a mere 7 seconds is the name of the game. At Source Select Marketing, we’ve honed our approach to ensure our clients succeed by following our 5 golden rules. These key principles are the
secret sauce to keeping visitors engaged and propelling you forward.

Uniformity of Brand  Picture

Your brand is a symphony, and
every element must harmonize. We’re talking about respecting the
patterns set forth in your company’s identity manual. Even if you only
have a logo and a handful of images, we can work our magic to create
backgrounds, fonts, headers, and more that stay true to your brand.
Consistency is king here. It’s about making your brand instantly
recognizable, even if we don’t flash the logo in neon lights.

Emotional Factor  Behind
every successful company, there’s a heartfelt story. We believe in getting to know your journey—the past,
present, and future plans. This helps us craft a website that not only
tells your story but also adapts to your evolving needs. It’s all
about creating a personal connection with your audience.

Avoid the Parrot Style

We’ve all met clients who want a website
that looks like a rainbow exploded. But here’s the deal: too many
colours distract from your message. We stick to a refined palette of
no more than three, moving gracefully within that range. We also
carefully select two fonts that align with your concept. The result? A
website that’s visually pleasing, uncluttered, and easy on the eyes.

User Experience  Stories

Come in all shapes and sizes, but the key
is to condense them into bite-sized, easy-to-digest nuggets. We put
ourselves in your visitors’ shoes to create a seamless, user-friendly
journey. Our process involves structuring your website for easy
navigation, trimming content to essentials, and ensuring consistency.
After all, over 95% of users view websites on mobile devices, where
clarity and conciseness reign supreme.

Be Responsive

It’s not enough for your website to look stunning
on a desktop. In today’s world, it’s got to shine on mobile devices
too. We craft designs that are responsive, adapting gracefully without
losing the essence of your brand’s unique style.

With these five simple yet powerful rules, we’ve helped our clients
achieve remarkable success. At Source Select Marketing, we’re not just
creating websites; we’re crafting digital experiences that leave a
lasting impact. Let’s embark on this journey together and watch your
success story unfold. 🚀



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